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    To the Instructor:

    Critically Minded Network group of several sites related to teaching critical thinking skills and critical dispositions to university English learners at a high intermediate or advanced level.

    The two main sites in the network are Critically Minded Podcast and Dialogically Minded Podcast. Critically Minded Podcast involves the instruction of the structure of English arguments and the language items used in forming and expressing cogent arguments. Dialogically Minded Podcast involves the instruction of discourse markers used to express critical dispositions important in civic, academic and professional contexts.

    The Critically Minded Podcast site includes the Critically Minded Podcast as well as related text reconstruction exercises which run parallel to the podcast series.

    The Dialogically Minded site likewise includes the Dialogically Minded Podcast as well as related text reconstruction exercises which run parallel to the podcast series.

    These text reconstruction exercises are located in Teacher Resources. There are also seven sets, in pdf form, outlining the critical thinking skills-related and critical dispositions-related language items and discourse markers. The instructor will note that, just as the Critically Minded site has a blue color scheme and the Dialogically Minded site has a tan color scheme, the items on the pdfs relating to the skills-related items are blue and the dispositions-related items are tan.

    In addition, the Teacher Resources page also includes a link to an important spreadsheet which includes a schedule for assigning each podcast episode. It also details, sheet-by-sheet the cumulative collection of skills and dispositions related language items and discourse markers taught throughout the term. The same blue and tannish color distinction as mentioned above applies here as well. Furthermore, this spreadsheet also functions as an assessment tool for students’ weekly online discourse, two or three speaking tests and/or an online collaborative project. The instructor will find this to be a useful tool as the points awarded for the use of each item are differently weighted according to whether the item is a new one or one that has been covered earlier. A more detailed explanation is provided along with the spreadsheet.

    Please check back here often for updates on the network and the sites. Also please note that one can subscribe to the podcasts at iTunes and that the scripts for each podcast episode are embedded in the mp3s and can be accessed by single-clicking on one’s mobile device.

    David Gann


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    • Daimon Wada says:

      Nice to meet you.I am a student at Tokyo University Of Science.I really enjoyed the episode1 !It very interesting.I am looking forward to listening the episode2.