Episode 4: Validity and Soundness

In their fourth episode, Nick and Dave discuss validity and soundness.  SCRIPT: Dave: You are listening to Critically Minded. Nick: The podcast for English learners who want to become better critical thinkers. We’re your hosts, Nick . . . Dave: And Dave. You should be happy to hear that we have completed our introductory discussion […]

Episode 3: Organizing an Argument 2

In this third episode, Nick and Dave continue their discussion of the basic structure of an argument. They discuss how to distinguish between reasons (premises) and conclusions. They talk about premise indicators (like “because”) and conclusion indicators (like “so,” “therefore,” and “thus”). They also talk about conclusion-first and conclusion-last arguments. SCRIPT: Nick: Welcome back to […]

Episode 2: Organizing an Argument 1

In this episode, Nick and Dave introduce the concept of an argument as a logical progression from premises to a conclusion. They discuss classical syllogisms and suggest challenging one’s own conclusion with alternate arguments. SCRIPT: Nick: Welcome once again to Critically Minded: Critical Thinking For 2nd Language Learners.  I’m Nick. Dave: And I’m Dave. In […]

Episode 1: Introductions

In this first episode Nick and Dave introduce themselves and explain why they are producing this podcast series. They tell how they think their listeners can benefit from the podcast. They speak briefly about what critical thinking is and why it’s a skill set worth acquiring.  SCRIPT: Dave: Greetings everyone. You’re listening to Critically Minded: […]

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