• Teachers’ Course Schedule and Assessment Spreadsheet

    Teachers may download either of two spreadsheets here.

    For now, please use this general sheet. The two specialized sheets outline below will be available soon.



    N.B. These are no longer current but I will be reloading them shortly.

    6% One Week Set Up
    12% Podcast Quizzes
    26% Online Discussion (Doc Talk)
    15% Text Reconstruction Exercise Comments
    26% In-Class Speaking Test
    15% Homework

    5% One Week Set Up
    10% Podcast Quizzes
    15% Online Discussion (Doc Talk)
    20% Text Reconstruction Exercise Comments
    20% In-Class Speaking Test
    15% Project
    15% Homework

    The two spreadsheets are nearly the same, except that FE includes three speaking tests, while ISE includes two speaking tests and a group writing project. The spreadsheet is an indispensible tool teaching with this course design. It includes a week-by-week schedule that will keep the teacher on point. Without it, many teachers, myself included, would be overwhelmed by the number of and variety of overlapping and cycling content and tasks. However, if you familiarize yourself with the spreadsheet, week-by-week, you will be able to manage the class with relative ease. Speaking from experience, I would be lost without this sheet and there is no way I could begin to effectively guide students and assess their work had I not spent the nearly two weeks making it. My two colleagues who taught my course design in the spring of 2014 felt likewise. It is not easy to get terribly excited about spreadsheets, but seriously, this spreadsheet with allow you to do great things. And most importantly, when the time for handing in final grades comes, your work is done.  All you have to do is look at the final column the spreadsheet.

    Lastly, a first view of this spreadsheet can be a bit daunting, but I will be creating a graphic that will clarify the meaning and function of each part.



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