• Videos about the Four-Step Process

    The videos here are mainly intended for teachers who are interested in making full use of the resources

    Currently there are two videos available, Step One and Step Two. I hope to finish Step Three and Step Four during this 2014 summer break. These videos are currently available only in English but Japanese versions will be available soon.

    Step 1: Explicit Instruction via Critically Minded Podcast describes how declarative knowledge of the components of argument and the relevant textual features (indicators) commonly associated with those components is taught in through a blended learning approach where explicit instruction is provided outside the classroom via mobile learning in the form of podcast.

    Step 2: TREs for Argument Indicators and Dialectical Discourse Items explains how the declarative knowledge of argument is scaffolded into the emergent underpinnings of procedural knowledge of argument indicator use through a social constructivist approach to text reconstruction exercises.
    Part One details the five categories of argument indicators and the specific lexical items that are highlighted. In-class video shows how successful the exercises are as students work together, 100% engaged in the task.
    Part Two explains how additional partial-cloze exercises are used to scaffold students’ competent use of dialectial discourse items, selected for their relevance argumentative and persuasive conversation. An authentic time-lapse simulation of a student completing one of these exercise is provided.

    Coming soon:

    Step Three

    Step Four

    and more!

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